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2014 Andrew Castle | M&CSaatchiMerlin


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'Working with Andrew Castle on the pilot of the Endemol game-show THE CODE was a great pleasure. Indeed, he is a real professional… a host but not only that… Overall it was a chance to spend some time with such a talented man!'



Chief Strategy, Creative and International Officer - ENDEMOL France



‘On behalf of fourimpact and the RMHC team, a huge thank you for the excellent job Andrew did hosting the Gala Dinner on the 31st March. It’s fantastic to work with someone who can be flexible enough to run with the constant tweaks and changes which such events require and handle them with such easy confidence. The tone Andrew brought was just right and greatly appreciated by the whole team.’


Gareth Tomlinson




‘Andrew was entertaining, charming and truly a wonderful guest speaker. His presentation was exciting and he captures the audience with his spontaneity, wit and humour. He shared stories with us from his personal life and his fabulous career both as a tennis professional and a media celebrity. It was fantastic!


Andrew also took a genuine interest in meeting our AWBS members before and after the presentation. Everyone was impressed with his warmth, kindness and gracious spirit. It was a memorable day for all of us and he was certainly favourite guest speaker for our organisation.’


Stephanie Nelson and Tracy Ptcher

Co-VP’s Programs

American Women’s Club of Berkshire and Surrey